The reveal

Here it is everyone, the reveal of my new chair! I love how it turned out, I just have to figure out what to put next to it...for now I have this old wicker basket vase with some bamboo sticks placed until I figure out what I want to do.

p.s. check out the before picture here

wait until you see what I have in store...

I have had this antique Queen Anne style chair for quite some time and I really didn't know what to do with it, so I painted it blue...and I really didn't like how it turned out, so instead of finishing it I left it half sprayed until the day I could be inspired to transform it.

Well my friends that day has come, stay tuned for the reveal...I will give you all a small sneak peek at the inspiration photo below for what I have in mind:

My chair

Inspiration photo

Living room updates

Just thought I would upload some of the most recent pictures of the living room, enjoy :)

Backyard updates

Well the siding is finally done for the shed. I am very pleased with how it turned I have to look into solar light sconces ( these do exist right?) because my electrician is super busy. I also need to get a door knob and a window flower box and some shutters and then I will be officially done the shed...I swear!

But of course the deck is the next main should be done in time to be enjoyed for next summer :)

room re-do

If I had my way and tons more $$$$$ I would love this for a room, check it out:

Kimberley Seldon

Every once and a while I like to feature great Canadian designers; a while back I covered the lovely Sarah Richardson and now I want to share with everyone (who hasn't already heard of her) Kimberley Seldon. I always see her on Cityline as one of the featured designers and she is also the decorating editor of Style at Home, and I just love her designs!

Here they are, take a look:

Garden...further updates

I went today to get some stones and some mulch for the garden, and this is what it looks like at present... mind you this is only one half of the garden (the other side is still in progress). I have some daylight and night time pictures, with my new solar lights in place.

Oh and I almost forgot, while I was at Lowe's for all my garden supplies I also picked up 4 great fibreglass planters and the real kicker was the price, they were $59 original price and they got marked down to $14. You can see them by the shed in the daylight pics, although the colour isn't great, a little spray paint and maybe a potted fern and they will look like a million bucks!


I have 2 updates for all of you. First I added a Buddha statue to my sideboard, I will be adding a few new pieces to the rest of it soon, I can't decide what else to put there?

I also have some updates on the backyard, the plants and grass have gone in...mind you the plants need some time to grow in, but still I am very happy!

The yard still needs a the shed needs to get some siding, it's ordered and it's on it's way.

That's all for now, hope you are all enjoying the last few weeks of summer.

Pottery Barn

I recently received a lovely belated Birthday gift in the form of a Winners gift card from one of my near and dear friends. She explained that she wanted to get me something super fantastic for my home, something like a lovely book full of inspirational pictures for home decor and decorating, but she couldn't find exactly what she was looking for, so she opted for a gift card which I happily accepted!

Soon enough I was off to Winners in search for home decor, when I came across just what I wanted...a new coffee table book, "Pottery Barn Home." Let me tell you, is it every fantastic, so many inspiring pictures! So in the end my friend got me what she had initially planned to get, and I got what I never knew I wanted, but can't live without.

Table setting

I was having some friends over for a small meal and I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to try out my new place mats and napkin rings, plus the napkins from HomeSense that I picked up a while back. Everything else I already had. I decided that neutral would be good, the only thing missing was a centre piece of flowers...oh well next time maybe?


I am finally done with the pretty lamp I got a while ago and I have to say I am pretty happy with it! It was very masculine looking before, with all the black, and I knew that in order for it to fit in my house it had to be elegant and feminine. Off to Lowe's and HomeSense I went for some metallic spray paint and a new lamp shade. What do you all think?

With the light on

Without light

Looky Looky

I am one lucky girlie!! Look what my wonderful grandmother inherited from a friend and decided to gift to me...that's right an original "Eaton's" wooden grocery crate. I just love the texture and the patina of this piece, now I just have to figure out where to put's quite big!