Vintage Candle

A while back I purchased these great salt containers from value village, they are clear glass containers and they look very beachy and rustic. More on them in a second...

I was making some candles for Lather & Soak orders that I have for pick up tomorrow when I noticed that I had some extra soya wax left over so I remembered the vintage salt container and I poured away! A few hours later I had this...

I hope I have inspired you guys to try your very own DIY candles, pick up any old unique containers, or any neat vessels that you may have around the house and give it a try!

Try Canwax if you need a wax and wick source, they are Canadian!

Wish List

1.Abici bicycle... curbside
2.Exposed Lace Sateen Top...  Forever 21
3.Suede Tote... BCBG
4.Smooth Abstract Skirt... Forever 21
5.Floral Bib Necklace... Forever 21

Eating In: Nachos

Another recipe I tried out today...homemade nachos!! I've made nachos many times before, usually with chilli but since my sister is a vegetarian I decided to stick with veggies, we also tried a guacamole recipe found here and it turned out great! hmmm...what to make next?

Chair re-do: chevron print

I just finished reupholstering the chair in the corner of my room that I like to call my "reading nook", where I spend most sleepless nights reading. I decided to use the chevron black and white print that I purchased a while ago from Tonic Living. If you follow this blog then you know what my reading chair used to look like,  if not then here is a little reminder:

the before...


the after!

Now I have an awesome chevron printed chair!! I love how it looks :)

It always amazes me what a little fabric can do! On another note I was browsing the Tonic Living site and came across this new script print, I think I will be getting this one for sure, but I am not quite sure where it will go yet...

here's what it looks like on a chair

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! off to watch the bachelor pad!

Etsy Seller: Armelle Jewelry

Just found this amazing jewelry designer armelle jewelry (via High Street Market) . I love all the vintage inspired pieces she has... take a look at some of my favs...

My weekend in photos...

This weekend was rather busy for me. Let's see... on Friday Patti and I had our first soap party hosted by my aunt Angie at her beautiful home in was super fun! We sold our products and met some great new people.

On Sunday I made dinner for the family, on the menu was honey mustard lamb ( a recipe I got from Style at Home magazine), baby spinach tossed salad, cured meats and cheeses, bruschetta, italian breads, roasted red peppers. a little bit of vino, and for dessert chocolate fondue and oatmeal chocolate cookies! I forgot to take photos of the lamb, but trust me it was great! and dessert got gobbled up before I could take any pictures...

Tomorrow is my mother's birthday, so I am off to bake a cake and get her a fresh bouquet of flowers, plus lots of other goodies...

What did you do this weeked?

some highlights from our soap party...

dinner at home

Shoe Crush

I love shoes, for as long as I can remember I have always loved shoes. No matter how I am feeling, even when I am having a "fat day" a pair of shoes always cheers me up, because you see my size 6 never lets me down! Even when I feel like dressing down, a pair of killer pumps can brighten up my outfit! I was browsing some of my favourite online shops and found these beauties over at Aldo, a lot of them are from their newest fall line.

These are my absolute favs!
military inspired
great for fall... with a cute opaque tight or just on their own
 awesome tan woven leather for everyday, plus great heel height
elegant nude heel

Etsy Seller: High Street Market

As an etsy seller myself I love to support and feature other great shops, and although I am sure this shop needs no introduction I think you should all have a look at High Street Market if you haven't already...enjoy all the eye candy!

Colour palette: Blue & Beige

Check out Mango's newest Fall 2010 collections. I am in love, I can say that about clothes right? well I am in love with the styling of these photos, and I can't wait to get my hands on some of these looks for Fall.

New for fall: Zara

I have to say that summer and fall are my favourite seasons. I love all the warm crisp tones of fall and of course the fall season for clothing is the best! Who doesn't love to wrap themselves in a beautiful cashmere pashmina or wear a camel coloured trench or jacket or what about cableknits and tweed!! here are a few of my favourite looks from Zara for Fall 2010.

amazing coat with great buttons

this looks so chic and cozy

what an awesome leopard print clutch

I am of the belief that leopard print is a neutral? What do you think?

Stationary and Stamps

I have a small obsession with stamps and stationary, I think we all do, right? The feel of the paper, the embellishments, the ribbons, the ink, the thought of receiving a beautiful love letter in the mail!! Okay as I make myself feel better... I wanted to share some of my favourite things from the world of paper.

rubber stamps from Etsy seller norajane

pretty letterpress from luckybeepress

bicycle letterpress from paperlovelypress

I love Cavallini they are my go-to for stamp sets!