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I know I have been a lousy blogger lately, but my dear friends business calls! I wanted to share why I've been so busy and let you all know about some of the new products I've launched over at Lather & Soak. Introducing my yummy bath fizzies/bath bombs!
These are perfect for gift giving as well, because they come nicely wrapped!

Hope you all have a chance to head over and check them out. Have a great weekend!

WHAT I LIKE: anthropologie

Here are some of the latest things on my "to purchase" list from Anthropologie.

I love this book already ordered it!
gord inspired tea set
attention getting neck piece
love the kelly green bowls
how sweet, love the packaging!

Weekly DIY: Wine glass candle lampshade

This week's DIY comes somewhat at the end of the week but I've been busy with soap orders, so I apologize. Here it is this week, a great idea for outdoor get togethers, parties or even intimate garden weddings. They are wine glass candle lampshades... this DIY is courtesy of  Casa Sugar you can find the instructions here. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

P.s. anyone have any of their own DIY's they want featured on WALLPAPER's Weekly DIY, just email me...

Blog Calling Cards

I have been thinking about getting some calling cards for WALLPAPER for a while. I get asked a lot about my home and all of the DIY projects I do and blogging always comes up (naturally) and I always send people here to check out my know, by send I mean scribble the blog address on a napkin, a hand, a ripped piece of paper or a receipt ( crap I needed that one for a return! oh well) because I never had an "official" card. So calling cards were the next obvious step.

I went online and had been searching on Etsy for several hours when I came across pixel impress, her stuff was great but even better she offered chartreuse chevron cards...OMG yay they matched my banner! guess work done! Click click and in no time they were here.

I thought it would only be appropriate to show them off on my new homemade DIY cake stands you can see the original post about them here. They are finally done!

Busy business: Lather & Soak

I have been busy and quite noticeably absent the last week, and now I can show you all what I've been busy doing. My little fingers are aching and I haven't slept in a few days...I think...because I have been pouring my heart and soul into my small handmade soap making business, and I am so happy to say that it has been well received. I was worried...putting yourself out there into the big wide world and trying to make it doing what I love (creating) combined with living well. I am so happy to say that Lather & Soak has been flooded with sales and back orders even!!

Thank you to all of those who support me and keep me going strong in my creative ventures.

Here is just a sneak peek of all the orders:

Weekly DIY: cork tray

I found this neat little DIY over at Design Sponge and I just had to share it with everyone. Too cute and clever and pretty darn easy to make as well. Here it is a DIY cork tray. Enjoy!

You can find all the instructions here.

the before

in the process...

all done!

The Lather & Soak soaps giveaway winner!

The lucky winner of the Lather & Soak soaps giveaway is...drumroll please:

"katia said...

those sound fantastic! for mothers day we are going to be going to niagara falls :)"

Thanks to all those who entered!! I hope everyone has a great mother's day this weekend.

I have more giveaways so always stay tuned...